Panamericana 2013

… somewhere between Alaska and Tierra del Fuego


Ruins, Ruins, Ruins


Ruine Xpujil

After we visited the lakes and rivers we needed to get some Maya culture. Our plan was to visit the ruins. As the the ruin “Calakmul” was far away, we needed to take a break and stay overnight at a restaurant. The owner was a nice, elderly man who was very talkative. When I asked him how much the camping for one night costs he said: “Pay whatever you like!” He showed us his pets: A dog without name, two peacocks, some pigs and “Catalina”, a super cute monkey lady who lives here since 20 years.

Unfortunately she is on a short leash and can’t have a run.


She was so cute and wanted…


…to get pet.


Yummy breakfast!


Amazing. These look more or less like our hands.


Next morning we headed towards “Calakmul” and found another ruin just after some km. It’s Balamkú. We were very early and nobody was here. This might have been the reason that Lissy was allowed to come, too? Whatever, we were happy to visit the ruin together. Balamkú is a rather small ruin which became famous due to the well-preserved moulding which was discovered in 1990.


Climbing up…


…we made it!


And climbing down. Ruin sports!


It’s not always pyramids.


The building with the moulding out of modelled stucco…




It’s difficult for us to realize what creatures all these are supposed to be.

After that we drove to “Calakmul” which was one of the largest and most powerful ancient cities ever uncovered in the Maya lowlands. Today it’s 60km off the highway directly in the jungle. It took us 1,5 hours to reach the entrance as the road became very narrow. Once there we got to know that (sure) dogs are not allowed. Okay, this time we needed to tie Lissy here because after this long drive we sure wanted to see the ruin. The man at the entrance was really nice and willing to help watching Lissy and giving her some treats every now and then.


Impressive high pyramids @ Calakmul


It’s soo hot, I will wait downstairs 😉



Jan does not care about the heat…


..he runs upstairs and enjoys the view.

Okay. We did see enough. It was hot!!! We walked back to the entrance and already heard Lissy howling and saw that she was tied on another place. Her “dog sitter” told us that she was howling all the time (which was 1,5hours) and that the destroyed all the plants – that was why he needed to tie her next to the building. Lissy nearly became a heart attack when she saw us. Well, she really has to learn to be alone! The poor man who might be deaf now got a small tip and we headed back on the main road. We actually wanted to reach Chetumal but it was too late already. We found a good Pemex gas station to stay overnight. It was for free and also had showers and clean restrooms.

Next morning we were awake early and passed a ruin sign “Xpujil”. As the ruin was directly next to the street we turned and also visited this one. Again, nobody was there yet and Lissy was allowed to come. Maybe this is the trick: Visit the ruin early and dogs are welcome. We liked this place – it’s different that the other ruins we saw. It’s characterized by the “Rio Bec” style but as we both are only interested to SEE the ruins, we do not have any background knowledge at all. It’s just amazing to see what the Mayas did so many thousand years ago.






Hey! Jan went into the black hole here…


…to do some yoga up there?



The secret side door.




“Let’s go! Come down!”