Panamericana 2013

… somewhere between Alaska and Tierra del Fuego


Birthday without party and stranded animals


Foundling Pedro

We’ve been looking forward to Tulum because we knew that place already. When my sister visited us some months ago we have already been here and found a very nice camp next to a dream beach and Lissy was able to run around. This time we did not like want to drive to this place because the road is very bumpy and it would have taken us hours to get there with the trailer. On the other campgrounds the prices are unreasonable expensive or Lissy was not allowed. It got later and later and finally dark.

We were not in a good mood. Jans birthday was the next day and we thought we have to camp on a supermarket parking lot. Well, no – this could not be true! Luckily we found a campground which is only for tents but we were allowed to park on the parking lot which was kind of the same as the camp itself. Also Lissy was welcome. We’ve had a minute walk to the beach and also clean restroom and shower.


“Las Palmas” Camp in Tulum


The beach at 7 AM

Lissy loved the camp because she found a cute doggie friend. They were really good together and he directly followed us to the beach for a nice morning walk.


They played hours.

We quickly named him Pedro. He was so good, we only needed to whistle and he came, also he made “sit” and “give paw”. When we wanted to leave he jumped on the passenger seat and wanted to join us. There, he totally ignored any call to leave. We would have liked to just take him with us but he belongs to somebody here on the beach -even the man does not really care what his dog does- but still he already has a home. Besides we would have two dogs then which means more work and cost.  We decided to “kick” him out of the car and drove away.  It was not easy but we had to act this way.


Lissy: “Oh Jaaaa. You join us?!!!!”


Pedro: “Yes. Don’t you think i fit in here pretty good?”

We did not like Tulum because we not allowed on beaches and camps and also because of the expensive camping costs so we headed to Akumal after one day. Akumal is also very touristy and next to the beach there are only hotels and flats. You can’t even see the ocean. We wanted to visit the “Yal Ku” Laguna which is supposed to be very nice but again: Dogs are not allowed. Our mood does not change at all. We asked ourself if it was a good idea to get a dog but at the same time we’re happy that we’ve adopted such a cute doggie. Also we were annoyed cause it looked like “Camping” is going to die and that only huge hotels survive. We did not get happy in Akumal either and drove to a camp a little more north. At the entrance gate we recognized the sign “no mascotas”. “F*** What’s wrong today?” We told the guard that Lissy is very good and that we will have her on leash all the time. Well, we were allowed to camp but we had to pay 100 Pesos for the dog! (which is nearly as much as one person has to pay) Cheeky but what should we do?
Therefor, the beach is beautiful! There is also a restaurant and we allowed ourself a birthday cake and frappe. We sat there in our cool swings on the bar and reflected the trip. …Whats’s to expect next? Where do we wanna go? How far south do we go? How much money is left? Lots of questions- but no answers. But hey, we sat in swings watching the beautiful beach and turquoise water what maybe totally distracted our thoughts.


As soon as the guards did not see us, Lissy was off leash 😉


Our expensive camp.

We met Christa und Peter from Germany who we already met twice before and a family from Canada, who travel with their dog in an Mercedes Sprinter. Although the camp is not that nice travellers meet here cause the camping offers are rare.
Also we met our foundling Pedro here. He’s a squirrel baby maybe 6-7weeks old. He fell off the tree and is too small to survive. A Mexican guy came and took him off the ground. He said he will take him and feed him cause the iguanas and dogs will eat it otherwise. After five minutes he came back and put him back on the ground. Strange! (Maybe his wife was not happy with his idea… )And now?
We couldn’t just leave him here. So we put him in a boxboard and drove to the vet. When my sister was here we found a very good vet in Playa del Carmen and were sure that we wanna get Lissy neutered here. As we wanted to visit her anyway to organize a surgery date for Lissy, we “killed two birds with one stone”. The name of the clinic is: “Clinica Veterinaria Playa del Carmen” and the name of the vet is: M.V.Z. Claudia Lewy. She speaks perfect english and we directly liked her. Compared to all the other vets we visited in Mexico she is the onliest “real vet” I would say. The clinic is clean, there are friendly assistants, a surgery room and a treatment room. It reminds us of german standard which is not common for Mexican vets.
Pedro seemed to be fine, he got dewormed and fed with baby food. We did not need to pay for the little check and also also got a small cage which we could borrow until we found something. Now we got a new task: Buy baby food and syringes to feed our new baby. At that time he was still very scared but this might change when we feed him the next weeks.
The surgery date was also arranged. In four days Lissy has to be back. Poor girl 🙁


Totally exhausted at the vet


Lissy does not realy understand what’s going on.




He got a small “bag” to hide and sleep.


Wildlife feeding procedure!


After: Tickle his belly. This is very important for baby squirrels as their digestion does not work otherwise.

This night we camped next to the place we camped last night. Dietrich and Vera, a couple from Germany welcomed us very nice. They live here since some years and help the Mexican owner to manage the campground. Despite their kindness we left after two days cause of the unbearable heat and the salty water in the showers.

We heded to Paamul. We already knew this camp cause we’ve been here when my sister visited us. We got electricity, water, clean restrooms, wifi, a swimming pool, shade, wind and beach. We will stay here until Lissys surgery is over and she feels better. Until then we go for walks on a lonely beach, read books, write reports and watch Pedro exploring. Also we needed to see the vet again. Our small rodent has tiny flies (or whatever) in his fur and we want to get rid of this asap.

Claudia gave us some liquids against the flies and also she gave us a woodpecker who need to get released. As we don’t live in the city it was very easy to just release him on our way to the camp where there were some trees.
That evening I went for a walk with Lissy and found a baby bird sitting in the sand next to a palm tree. He also fell off the nest. “Wow. What’s up? Are we supposed to be an animal rescue zoo? Actually a nice job but a zoo is not a good idea while traveling!”, I thought.

Well, I can’t leave him here. We needed to find a ladder which was not possible as it was too late already and the responsible person was already gone. Okay! So we build him a “rescue seat” in a coconut which we hung on the palm tree.

Which animal will we find next? 😉


In here is Mr Woodpecker who did not like the camera.


Baby bird on the beach…


…in his rescue seat…


…well, the bird is okay but Jan cut in his finger by building the seat…


…and that he did not feel the pain in the finger he ran into the door of our car 🙁