Panamericana 2013

… somewhere between Alaska and Tierra del Fuego


Halifax, Canada

Public Garden

Public Garden

Whenever I reflect our trip and that it is not a normal two week holiday, that we will experience new things daily, that we will get to know lots of people, stay overnight at unusual places and that I don’t need to get back work, I feel completely comfortable.

It’s real now. Our trip started and I am part of the adventure. Awesome! For me it’s still unbelievable but it’s true.

Our Landcruiser will only arrive in one week. So we have lots of time and don’t rush from one sight to the next one.
We had enough stress in the last weeks at home, so we don’t want to have stress here at all. Other than the stress-free time, we enjoy the luxury of bathroom and kitchen for one more week.

Our first walk through Halifax gets us to the first sights already.

IMG_0371 IMG_0132 IMG_0120

The harbor is very nice. There are some little Restaurants and small snack stands which sell Fries and Hotdogs.

Unfortunately, the summer season did not start yet and everything appears a bit boring.

Mona IMG_0141 IMG_0138

The houses in the neighborhood are, due to the bright colors and wood-lath-construction, kind of cute. We actually live in a big pink house very close to the city centre but still quiet.

_MG_0330 IMG_0503 IMG_0519

SunshineWe are lucky cause it’s very sunny only the wind blows strong at the harbor.
We are dressed very well with long trousers, solid shoes, a sweater, a hat and our rain jackets.
With this Outfit it’s easy to see that we are Tourists cause the locals are dressed different. They wear Hot-Pants or Shorts, a Top and Flip Flops. Whenever I see that, I am freezing.

Amy and Nick suggest to go to the market on saturday. I like markets anyway and we might also get fruits and vegetables cheaper there, so we get up early on saturday. In the kitchen we meet Nick who actually puts a Toast into the pan.
“What does he do? They do have a Toaster…”, I thought.

French ToastNick recognized my confused facial expression and explains, that this is a French Toast and asks if we also like some.
Jan likes to taste it and follows Nicks recipe: Mix Eggs, Milk and Cinnamon, put the Toast into it, let it soak from each side and put it into the pan. Nick explains with a laugh: “At the end you need to add Maple Syrup on top, that’s the best thing about it!”
Jan likes it, it tastes like a bit like cake dough with cinnamon but I am not yet delighted.

On the market they offer lots of food: Muffins, Cake, Cookies, Waffles, Cupcakes and besides to the sweets they also offer Chinese, Indian and African cuisine.

If we knew that, we would have abstained the breakfast and snacked something delicious here. Too bad!

Some time later I can’t resist to all these nice things and ask a lady, who baked really nice cakes which kinds of cakes she made. She, the “Cake Lady” replies in german: “This is a carrot cake, this a cheese cake, over there i have a apple pie and they all taste like they do in Germany.”
Funny, we did not even leave Germany for a week and I want to taste a German Cake. The proud price of 5 CAN Dollar per piece makes it less interesting and we go on, without cake.

Besides to the nice food, they also sell handmade stuff like; Hats, Scarfs, Decoration, Jewellery, and self made jam, chocolate and freshly squeezed juices.

 _MG_0413  IMG_0410  _MG_0395  IMG_0431  IMG_0425

As we will cook with Amy and Nick tonight, we buy the necessary ingredients but we are a bit shy to buy too much cause we are still embarrassed that out budget will not last.

At home we cook a nice pasta casserole with Amy. Nick feels still a bit sick cause he had a Party last night but joins later. So we spent a nice evening with them.

Today the boat, the Atlantic Concert, entered the harbour and we hope to pick up our Landcruiser on Wednesday. And we are a bit nervous cause we heard bad stories about mobile home shipments already. But we are optimistic.

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Berichte IMG_0485 Eichhorn
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